Drupal hosting in UK - is there a list?

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This question has been asked a lot of times, we ought to have a list - and keep it up to date.

I'm looking for a good provider to host my Drupal on. I want it to be a proper UK company, because I don't want to deposit my credit card info with some company that may or may not be in the US, and I don't want to deal with PayPal or similar. Not that I mind America, but when its about money, I prefer to deal with a UK company; one that understands Direct Debit and to whom I can make a local credit transfer.

So, who are the top 10 Drupal hosting providers with offices and data centres in UK?

List of Drupal Hosting Provider in UK

I have worked with almost 6 to 7 UK web hosting companies so have got a good reserch done of Drupal hosting providers in UK Below is the list you can check :

1) Webhost.UK.Net

2) Heartinternet

3) Rshosting

4) Webhosting UK

5) UK2

6) Infrenion

7) Webfusion

8) UKfast

9) ezpz

10) TSOHost


This are the list of host I could remember hope that helps.

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I have used webfusion, they

I have used webfusion, they have a really good support. That's something to look forward to if you decide to use their services.

2016 Update

Stumbled across this post deep down in the interwebs – I didn't know WebFusion had become apart of HeartInternet.

I found a few more to keep this list more up-tp-date:

1. Synextra

2. DirectWeb

3. ForthHosting

Happy Drupal-ing

How about these?

You may consider the following:

  1. cloudpro.co.uk
  2. londoncloud.co
  3. yorkshirecloud.co.uk